New Entrant Information

We are looking forward to meeting all of you!  We would usually meet at this time of year to give you a presentation on St James' and to show you the Early Years areas of the school.  As we have not been able to do this, we have prepared you some videos. While we appreciate this is not how we would usually welcome you to our school I do hope you find this useful.

The videos can be viewed in order for the ultimate St James' experience!

Here is a brief introduction to St James and a welcome to the school.

Apologies for the traffic noise!








This presentation gives more detail about Early Years, and is presented by Miss Greenfield, our Early Years Lead.




Here is a short tour of the Early Years area.  

Apologies for the food delivery boxes by the door awaiting collection!




This is a short document to support your child with the transition to St James'. There are photos of the classrooms and the Early Years area as well as text you can read through with your child to help them feel at ease.