School results and performance tables

2022 is the first year that the school has had a full set of results, as after the infant and junior schools merged in 2019 COVID meant that the tests and assessments were paused in 2020 and 2021.

All of these outcomes are provisional until the data is verified by the DfE.

Key Stage 2 outcomes are based on externally marked tests, sat in exam conditions, in all subjects except writing, which is teacher assessed and then moderated by an external moderator allocated by the local authority.  National average figures (provisional) have been published by the DfE for Key Stage 2 results so we have included them for comparison.

Key Stage 1 outcomes are based on a combination of tests and teacher assessments, with teacher assessment taking priority.

Phonics outcomes are based on a phonics test which each child sits individually with their teacher.

Early Years outcomes are based on ongoing teacher assessments through the year.  A good level of development (GLD) indicates that the child has achieved the expected level in all of the other areas in the table.

If you wish to access the government's school performance tables and school benchmarking, you can do so by following this link.


Key Stage 2 outcomes 2022 (provisional)

  Expected level Greater depth National average (expected level)
Reading 88% 39% 74%
Grammar, punctuation and spelling 84% 34% 72%
Writing 72% 10% 69%
Maths 86% 21% 71%
Combined Reading Writing and Maths 69% 7% 59%
Reading average point score 107 n/a 105
GPS average point score 106 n/a 105
Maths average point score 105 n/a 104


Key Stage 1 outcomes 2022 (provisional)

  Expected level Greater depth National average (expected level)
Reading  69% 31% 67%
Writing 62% 14% 58%
Maths 74% 21% 68%
Phonics Year 1 87% n/a  
Phonics Year 2 95% n/a