Long term planning

We pride ourselves on our creative approach to planning, plotting the journey through phase topics and sharing ways in which we can provide memorable learning experiences. Each topic is different, to allow for as much coverage as possible over an academic year, and to ensure that from Reception to Year 6, children will never repeat the same learning. Although each year group needs to deliver the same skills and knowledge each year, linking it to a topic gives it a new lease of life. Children and adults can engage with something new and exciting, instead of the same lessons year in, year out.  

We aim to promote an inclusive environment where children and adults can support and learn from each other across all key stages. Phase topics allow us to make links between year groups, for example by pupils working together with children from a different year group on shared activities such as during Victorian Day. Planning these topics in teams also allows subject leaders to have a greater awareness of their subject across all key stages as well as providing opportunities for subject leaders share their expertise and to offer support and guidance.  

In addition, having a topic-based approach enables us to deliver cross curricular lessons, as there is a common thread throughout all learning. By teaching cross curricular lessons, children are constantly revisiting and embedding their existing knowledge by building on it and applying it in other areas. 

For the Autumn Term 2021 we will be filling in gaps left by the lockdown 

Spring Term

Summer Term