Shells  - Deer


Deer Callum - for fantastic effort in class with all his work. A true star.
Fox Christopher - for growing in confidence and becoming more resilient this week. 
Badger Yusuf - for being an enthusiastic learner in English and speeding through all his Maths. 
Stoat Minghao - for settling into year 4 so quickly, completing work with a great attitude and learning to do reading quizzes. 
Vole Freddie - for being a wonderful friend, helpful and loyal.
Dormouse Henry - for an excellent start to this term, he has a great focus and effort.
Swift George - For his excellent questioning skills.
Chaffinch Samuel - for the enthusiasm he brings to his learning and for thinking of St James School when he went to meet Tim Peake.
Nightingale Lester - for showing excellent resilience in his learning, trying hard to deepen his understanding. 
Kestrel Ethan - 
Owl Freddie - for his resilience during the 11+ tests.
Osprey Armin- for producing some beautiful creative writing, especially his acrostic poem.