Shells - Chaffinch Class

Deer Scarlet - for showing such zest in her learning and an excellent start to the year. 
Fox Elliot - for making such an enthusiastic start to year 3.
Badger Ritvik - For settling into year 3 nicely and working hard in Maths
Stoat Seb - for his zest for learning in Maths, pushing himself to do kore and try trickier questions. 
Vole Amelia - for a beautiful and imaginative sensory description of a forest.
Dormouse Josie - for her excellent descriptive sensory writing about our book 'Tin Forest'.
Swift Leah - for her brilliant editing of a diary account, she followed instructions superbly.
Chaffinch Evie - for her fantastic sketch work, showing great attention to detail and confident use of tone. 
Nightingale Artemis - for showing excellent resilience in all of her learning and striving for the best at all times. 
Kestrel Athena - for her ever growing enthusiasm! Always trying her best and contributing great answers during discussions. 
Owl Holden - for settling into year 6 so well, super start.
Osprey Alice - for some excellent WW2 inspired artwork, demonstrating some great techniques.