Class Full name Reason
Badger Lucy Vorster working hard on subtraction calculations and completing as many as she could in the time given.
Deer Noah Loughlin his excellent positive attitude towards his learning, this drive has really helped him produce excellent well thought out work.
Fox Sophie Glennon her focus, enthusiasm and sensible contributions in Science this week. 
Stoat Summer Gosnell for her thoughtful and carefully considered answers to questions in class discussion.
Vole Maksym Hera For being so wonderfully cheerful and friendly and for great perseverance and resilience in all your learning.
Dormouse Victoria Rodriguez Long  her amazing effort in spelling. coming up with ideas in English and trying hard in Maths.
Swift Whole class for their effort and attention to Success Criteria in recent non-chronological reports
Chaffinch Peter Becker his fabulous reasoning answers in his maths work. Well done Peter!
Nightingale Josephine Seath demonstrating her ability to work without any distractions and listening attentively during whole class discussions.
Kestrel Anna McNerlin always pouring her heart and soul into writing tasks. This week: continuing a narrative beautifully and crafting a clever balanced argument.
Owl Isla Fairfoul putting lots of effort into her writing - it is always a delight to read!
Osprey Albie Worrall always producing brilliant work - whatever the subject.  I especially look forward to reading your writing!