Class Full name Reason
01.12.22   Is in the Golden Book for:                              (Learning Power = Hope & Optimism)
Badger Ritvik  For his determination to independently pin and stitch his sewing project this week. Well done!
Deer Brooke  For her resilience in Maths and her determination to improve her understanding of the work set.
Fox Jack For his positive attitude, determination and independence when sewing this week. Your finished purse is excellent! 
Stoat Eleanor  For your resilience in your learning, and being willing to work hard to plan a story when you found it hard to think of ideas. Well Done. 
Vole Rachel  For your great growth mindset in all your learning, and your determination and perseverance in swimming lessons.
Dormouse Molly  For your resilience and enthusiasm to learning and for bringing in interesting topic related books. 
Swift Lexie  For her social and emotional intelligence - her ability to understand her thoughts and feelings and those of her peers.
Chaffinch Hope  For always producing fabulous work, whatever the subject.  You are a great role model Hope- well done!
Nightingale Grace  For always working hard in developing her self-esteem and confidence in her own ability.
Kestrel Amelia  For always putting 100% into everything she does - consistently producing excellent work as a result.
Owl Joviya  For writing beautifully and taking care to include mature vocabulary into her work - super work Joviya!
Osprey Elliot  For contributing fully in class discussions - bravely putting his views across and listening to other people's.
  Mrs Featherstone For organising and implementing a fantastic 'International Story Morning'. It was incredible!