Fox class: Eliza for such a fantastic start to Year 3, listening well and giving 100% when working.
Badger class: Hibban for always getting stuck into our learning and doing his best.
Deer class: Gracie for settling so well into Year 3 and demonstrating a fantastic attitude towards her learning.
Vole class: Vole class were swimming this week.
Stoat class: Rory for using his initiative and getting a thesaurus to improve his work.
Dormouse class: Dormouse class were swimming this week.
Swift class: Eliza for excellent listening and following instructions.
Chaffinch class: Zavier for his fantastic effort and layout of work in Maths and English. 
Nightingale class: Shayan for settling in so well to the new term and being so proactive.
Osprey class: Kitty for starting the year with such a positive attitude.
Kestrel class: Zoe for role modelling great behaviour to her peers and for hard work and making a super first impression.
Owl class: Kuba for a fantastic start to Year 6 and being so helpful to his peers.
Shell winners: Fox class