Golden Book
The following all received Golden Awards this week. In Year 3: Amelia G, for her hardworking attitude and her brilliant contributions to class discussions: Evan, for giving everything 100%, from PE to Maths to Reading, including Accelerated Reader quizzes and Poppy, for her amazing hard work in English this week, super research – well done! In Year 4: Maya, for her amazing times tables learning – she’s so fast, well done: Billy C, for his improved handwriting and presentation this term and Elliott, for being a fantastic member of the class and beautifully presented homework. In Year 5: Lois, for exceptional effort and success in maths subtraction this week: Tariq, for settling in so well and being an active participant in class and Holly H, for her great effort in maths, gaining in confidence. In Year 6: Ella, for her hard work in class and always having a sensible approach to her learning: Callum W, for his positive attitude to learning, making a great start to the year and producing excellent work and Omari, for his amazing hard work and attitude towards his learning this week.

Congratulations to Dormouse Class, this week’s clear winners of the ‘Shell Award’. They will receive some additional free-time at the end of the week. All Year 4 will be able to go on the bank at break and lunchtime on Friday.

Accelerated Reader Challenge
Congratulations to Lily, in Year 5, who has read the most words – 975,771: Callum D, in Year 6, has achieved the most quizzes with 100% and Kestrel Class, Year 6, have read the most words as a class – 4,809,602.

Many congratulations to Eleanor, in Year 6, who has recently gained violin Grade 7 award, with merit. This is a very high level to achieve at primary school.

Girls Football Tournament
On Wednesday 9th October, we went to Hawkenbury to play in a football tournament. We played 5 matches. In the first game, against Temple Grove, we played really well and won 6-0. The second match was against St. Johns, and we won 4-0. Against Southborough we won 3-0. In the next game, we won 2-0 before playing Claremont, and we won 1-0. We had got through to the finals; the match was against Claremont. Fran scored an amazing goal, which turned out to be the winning goal. We had won the tournament. Thank you to Mr Hodges for coaching and supporting us, and also to all the parents who came along and supported us, we all had a great time. Congratulations to all the girls, who played really well and didn’t concede a single goal in any of their matches. Team: Fran, Lydia Kitty, Hollie, Charlotte & Isabella. Report by: Fran, Lydia & Kitty.

Boys Football Tournament
On Wednesday 9th October the Boys Football A Team played in a tournament at Hawkenbury. In our group were: Woodlands, Bishops Down, St. Johns and Temple Grove. In our first game we won 3-1, in the second game we won 2-1, with an amazing goal by Ollie. In the next game, we won 3-0, taking us through to the finals. In the opening minutes of the final against Paddock Wood, Alfie volleyed the ball into the top corner to lead 1-0, however, in the last minute they scored to equalise 1-1. As the game ended in a draw, the game went to penalties. We lost by 1 penalty, with Paddock Wood winning the tournament. Thank you to Mr Hodges for coaching and supporting us, also to all the parents for supporting us, we all had a great time. Team: Omari, Alfie, Alfie L, Ozzy, Alex, Jonathan, Ollie, Oliver & Theo. Report by Omari & Alfie L.

Premier League Competition to design a new badge for the school or a favourite team.
Mr Hodges announced the winners of the competition; overall winners – Deryn in Year 6, Ozzy, in Year 5. Harry S, in Year 4 and Daniel K, in Year 3, were runners-up.

Britain In Bloom - Bee Art Competition
Congratulations to the following, who were all winners and received a prize and certificate, Bethan K, Cadence and Eleanor, all in Year 6. Cadence and Bethan’s work is still on display in Dunorlan Park and Eleanor’s work is displayed outside Lloyds Bank. The school received a Silver Certificate.