Congratulations to the following, who have all received certificates this week:

  • Rabbit Class have been collaborating when completing lots of activities on their Carroty Wood trip. 
  • Clara in Beech Class has been enjoying her learning and persevering with lots of activities. 
  • Shivoum in Hedgehog Class has been concentrating whilst completing his 2-digit addition sums in maths. 
  • Grace in Ash Class has been very determined when working on their class map of the field. 
  • Amy in Chestnut Class has been enjoying her writing both in school and at home.


This week we had 5 children who were 6 and 3 children who were 7. We had some good guesses but Tali from Rabbit Class worked out they were 51 altogether!

Shell Award

This week Chestnut Class won the shells. They managed to collect 12 over the week.