Congratulations to the following, who have all received certificates this week:

  • Darcey in Maple has been enjoying her learning and sharing her smile a lot.
  • Alice in Beech has been having a go at lots of challenges. 
  • Dexter in Hedgehog Class has been improving his writing.
  • Tali in Rabbit Class has been concentrating on her learning.
  • Henry in Ash has been showing lots of determination.
  • Blake in Chestnut has had a go at lots of learning.
  • Jessie in Oak has also been having a go at lots of challenges.
  • Vianne and Jessica in Cherry have both been enjoying their learning.


This week we had six birthdays to celebrate. The total came to 35.

Shell Award

This week Hedgehog Class won the shells with 10 in their pot.