Oak Class Kwina - for enjoying her learning and writing independently using her phonic sounds.
Maple Class Reuben - for enjoying learning and being so creative when making models. 
Cherry Class Benji - for enjoying learning and being a really friendly, happy member of the class. 
Ash Class Michaela - for being determined when taking part in phonics sessions and showing excellent focus and progress.  
Beech Class Tilly - for showing great improvement in her approach to writing independently. 
Chestnut Class Nola - for improving when writing and showing strong perseverance. 
Squirrel Class Ollie - for concentrating in all his learning and showing a real improvement in his focus. 
Rabbit Class Megan - for concentrating in all lessons and always trying her best. 
Hedgehog Class Darcy - for using her imagination and creating a beautiful background in her artwork.