Congratulations to the following, who have all received certificates this week:

  • Violeta in Chestnut for concentrating on her Maths when completing subtraction sums.
  • Ivy Rae in Ash for having a go at writing about David Attenborough - Mrs Sweatman was really proud of your hard work!
  • Alex V in Cherry has been enjoying his learning and is always polite and helpful.
  • Ben in Maple has been having a go at writing his letters correctly and has been using them to write a poster.
  • Charlie in Squirrels has also been having a go at subtraction sums in Maths. Mrs Belfield is proud of how much your confidence has grown.
  • George in Beech has shown curiosity when looking at numbers. He spotted lots of patterns. 
  • Ethan in Rabbits has been concentrating on his work in RE to ensure he completed the challenges.
  • Annie in Oak has had a go at using her sounds to read books with words in.
  • Xander in Hedgehogs has been determined and enthusiastic when learning about the Gunpowder plot.
  • Christopher in Oak has been having a go at writing his name independently. 


This week we had four birthdays to celebrate. Year 1 used their number bonds to help work out the total was 25. Well done to Tilly-Anne for your quick calculation. 

Shell Award

This week Rabbit Class won the shells with 7 in their pot. 

Sponsored Bounce

There were chocolatey awards presented on behalf of the PTA for the most bounces in each class. Prizes were awarded to:

  • Kacper in Cherry - 120 bounces
  • Matilda in Oak - 125 bounces
  • Louis in Maple - 115 bounces
  • Hanako in Ash - 120 bounces
  • Dylan in Chestnut - 123 bounces
  • George in Beech - 139 bounces
  • George in Squirrel - 132 bounces
  • Joshua in Rabbit - 141 bounces
  • Rory in Hedgehog - 131 bounces.

There were special prizes awarded for enthusiasm and determination when bouncing. These went to:

  • Clara in Beech (enthusiasm)
  • Max in Squirrel (determination)

EYFS and KS1 completed 25,879 bounces altogether!

Well done to all of the children for their achievements.