Oak Class Charlie - for enjoying learning and applying his sounds across lots of activities. 
Maple Class Yaroslav - for enjoying learning and always being so willing and enthusiastic in challenges. 
Cherry Class Sofia - for enjoying learning and always trying her best.
Ash Class Rupert - for enjoying his science learning and showing great knowledge when exploring animals. 
Beech Class Ava - for being determined and persevering with the whole school writing task. 
Chestnut Class Pietro - for showing great improvement when using phonics to support his writing. 
Squirrel Class Naomi - for enjoying learning when practising the songs for the Christmas performance. Also, always showing enthusiasm when singing in Collective Worship.
Hedgehog Class Matteo - for concentrating and putting 100% into all areas of his learning. 
Rabbit Class Joshua - for using his imagination to continue his learning at home and writing his own Winnie the Pooh stories.