Shells: Rabbit Class

Cherry Class

Jake - for enjoying all learning and always having a smile on his face.

Ella - for having a go and always being enthusiastic with her learning.

Oak Class Henry - for enjoying learning and always putting his hand up to join in. 
Maple Class Eliza - for enjoying learning and always being creative and having great ideas. 
Chestnut Class Stanley - for being determined and not giving up when he found writing his sentence difficult.
Beech Class Aneesh - for having a go at all tasks and working through challenges without any adult reminders.
Ash Class Florence D - for concentrating and putting lots of extra detail into her Snail and the Whale collage.
Rabbit Class Eddie - for concentrating and listening carefully in RE
Hedgehog Class Juno - for being super attentive and independent in her learning.
Squirrel Class Arohi - for having a go in Dance. Really getting into character as she performed.