Badger                                   Isaac Outram for his wonderful descriptive writing

Deer                                      Clara Wilson for her fantastic work in English and wonderful description

Fox                                         Isobel Chadwick for the amazing progress with her handwriting

Dormouse                               Isla S for managing her distractions and trying so hard with her learning tasks

Stoat                                      Jake Lee for his enthusiastic learning in everything – he is such an optimist!

Vole                                        Harley Powell  for her fabulous attitude to learning and super effort all round

Chaffinch                                 Albie Worrallfor his excellent writing on prison hulk ships & for consistently being an incredibly supportive talk partner

Nightingale                              Noah Staritt for working so hard all the time, listening carefully and showing excellent resilience

Swift                                        Holden Nouyou  for his fabulous summary of a book within the given word count - excellent!

Kestrel                                     Theresa Manesh  for her genuine kindness – always a good friend and showing kindness to others

Osprey                                     Otis Horton for his incredible progress in maths

Owl                                          Ariana Stoian  for all of her wonderful effort