Badger - Grace Crozier for her focused efforts to improve her handwriting. She is showing great reliance.

Deer - George Fisher constantly being a super star pupil in every subject.

Fox - Franklin Hillier for being a resilient reader. He has persevered and made brilliant progress recently.

Dormouse – Peter Becker for his resilience and hard work

Stoat – Ava Wakeford Ireland for her curiosity in explaining what could happen next after ‘Quest’

Chaffinch – Elliott Higgs Prosser for showing reliance in his learning every Wednesday

Swift – Cecily Barrett for her hard work with a smile and always trying in PE and netball

Nightingale – Ryan Whitehead for his resilience in all of his learning

Osprey – Hibah Amin for her mature, focused and resilient attitude to learning; an exemplary role model

Owl – Athena Torres for her resilience in all that she does

Kestrel – Huxley Gough Richards for always working his hardest never making any fuss and always doing the right thing.