Class Full name Reason
10/11/2022   Is in the Golden Book for:                              (Learning Power = Hope & Optimism)
Badger Clara  showing imaginative Stone Age dance movements; improving each perfomance as she took on board all the feedback given.
Deer Millie  Wonderful consistent hard work in her Maths. Great work I am delighted with her perseverance.
Fox Astrid  working so hard in maths, persevering and conquering column addition and subtraction! 
Stoat George  a shining example of a great learner. George demonstrates a quiet, but determined learning attitude in all his work. He always puts in his best effort. 
Vole Matilda  beautiful descriptive writing this week, combining good listening with creativity.
Dormouse Roo  his fantastic work ethic that he brings to all of our subjects. Great work Roo!
Swift Harley  her growing mataurity in her classroom behaviour - she is becoming a great role-model
Chaffinch Shivoum  his excellent explanations in our maths lessons. Thank you Shiv!
Nightingale Jake  his optimistic approach with his studies and remaining focussed in lessons. Well done!
Kestrel Sam  his resilience with adding and subtracting fractions - showing resilience: not giving up and achieving that light-bulb momen
Owl Theo  a wonderful school council speech - it was persuasive, emotive and very powerful!
Osprey Daisy  making the most amazing "Make Do and Mend" item on evacuee day.