Golden Book
The following all received Golden Awards this week. In Year 3: Gracie, for ‘always’ showing superb learning behaviours, listening, focused, hardworking – amazing! Also: Xander, for great listening in his learning and Joviya, for her brilliant attitude to all areas of learning and trying so hard to approach challenges with a smile. In Year 4: Adrien, for persevering when writing, keeping going when he really wanted to give up, and finishing his work: Aimee & Caitlin, for working systematically when finding factor pairs and Louisa, for her great attitude to learning and being a wonderful member of the class. In Year 5: Ahsan, for well punctuated and creative writing about St. James School in the future: Charlotte, for displaying great ideas and social intelligence when working as a team for our Egg Drop Challenge and Alfie, for his fantastic collaborative work, a brilliant team player and worked well in a group. In Year 6: Amelia, for her fantastic new attitude to her learning: Niamh, for ‘always’ being a superstar, producing consistently amazing work and role model behaviour and Grace, for her incredible Egg Drop Challenge catcher design!

Shell Award
Congratulations to Dormouse Class, this week’s winners of the ‘Shell Award; they will receive some additional free-time at the end of the week. All Year 6 will be able to go on the bank at break and lunchtime on Friday.

Accelerated Reader Challenge
This will re-start next week.

Times Tables Rock Stars Challenge
Maths challenge across KS2, with a display on the top corridor, with two challenges for all pupils to take part in. Speed at answering questions, an average across the class – again this was Osprey Class. The class with the highest average number of points per pupil was Dormouse Class.

Congratulations to Kavin, in Year 5, who competed in his first International Badminton Tournament in Scotland last weekend. Although only 9 years old, he won the U11’s singles and doubles trophies, which he proudly showed to the school.

Auditions at Trinity Theatre
Ava and Darcy, both in Year 6, recently auditioned for the parts of school children in the Snow Queen at the Trinity Theatre. They both got parts and enjoyed acting in the performances at the theatre.

Netball B Team
On Tuesday 17th December 2019, The Year 6 Netball B Team went to SKA to play against St. Barnabas. In the first quarter we only scored 1 goal. At the end of the second quarter the score was 3-1 to us. In the third quarter St. Barnabas had an amazing shooter and at the end of the quarter they were ahead 4-5. In the final quarter, it was very close, we managed to get another goal to make the score 5-5. St Barnabas scored again to take the lead; but we again managed to equalise. The final score was 6-6. Thank you to the parents for supporting us and to Miss Gibson for coaching us. Team: Emily, Molly, Issy, Lucy, Anthiha, Nathan & Elsie. Report by Emily, Molly & Anthiha.