Golden Book
The following all received Golden Awards this week. In Year 3: Harry B, for is ‘awesome’ retelling of Babushka: Charlotte B, for her great attitude to learning and listening skills and Skye, for her lovely, descriptive re-telling of Babushka. In Year 4: Stanley, for his fantastic collage of a stormy sea, to illustrate his poem: Robin, for his fantastic contribution to our Accelerated Reader target and for becoming the first word millionaire in the class and Antonina, for lovely similes in her atmospheric poem about a storm. In Year 5: Micah, for an excellent newspaper report, in both length and content: Kai, for his extra effort in the presentation of his work and Harry H, for his wonderful diary about Rosie, from ‘Street Child’. In Year 6: Nicholas, for his extra effort in reasoning in maths and the improvement resulting from this: Daisy, for her amazing contribution to the class word count; always working hard and being a fabulous talk partner and Zubin, for his fantastic Christmas Story comic strip! Also, carried over from a couple of weeks ago – Skye-Louise, in Year 5, for her excellent level of summarising chapters of a book, stating all the key events and no details.

Congratulations to Fox Class, this week’s winners of the ‘Shell Award’. They will receive some additional free-time at the end of the week. All Year 3 will be able to go on the bank at break and lunchtime on Friday.

Accelerated Reader Challenge
Congratulations to Wilf, in Kestrel Class, who has read the most words – 923,317: Ami, in Fox Class is currently in second place with 856,040 words. Stanley, in Deer Class, has achieved the most quizzes with 100%: Ava Rose is currently in second place, and Kestrel Class, have read the most words as a class – 5,130,687: Swift are in second place with 4,434,531 and Fox are in third place with 3,494,687. Miss Stock announced that the winners of the term will be announced in Celebrations next week.

Times Tables Rock Stars Challenge
Maths challenge across KS2, with a display on the top corridor, with two challenges for all pupils to take part in. Speed at answering questions, an average across the class – Osprey Class. The class with the highest average number of points per pupil was also Osprey Class, for the third week running – well done Osprey.

Primary Mathematics Challenge
Mrs Dunlop, who works with some pupils in Year 6 for maths, was delighted with the results of the Maths Challenge; the challenge is for all Primary School children across the country to compete against each other; she was delighted that all her group that took part received certificates. Congratulations to Wilf, Khushal and Avin, who have all gained a Gold certificate. Bryony, Eleanor & Freya gained Silver and Niamh, gained Bronze.

Swimming Award
Congratulations to Anthiha, in Year 6, who has recently gained her Gold Award for swimming; she had to complete 32 lengths in 30 minutes. She is now working towards her Honours.

Kids Strongman
Congratulations to Callum M, in Year 6, who took part in a Kids Strongman competition; he had to lift heavy objects, complete dead lifts and farmers lifts. He finished in first place and gained a medal.

Hockey Tournament & Swimming.
Congratulations to Eddie, in Year 4, who recently took part in a Hockey Tournament, in Brighton, with the team he plays for, and finished in third place. He has also gained his Level 4 Swimming Award.

Chess Tournament in London
Congratulations to both Max B, in Year 5 and Armin, in Year 3, who represented the school in a Chess Tournament; it was their first competition and they both did really well, scoring 9 and 10 points; they gained points for a win, draw and a loss. The won a miniature magnetic chess set.

Indoor Athletics at the Angel Centre.
On Tuesday lots of pupils, from Year 6, went to the Angel Centre to take part in an Indoor Athletics Competition against 20 other local schools. Due to the number of schools taking part, the competition was split over the morning and afternoon, St. James took part in the afternoon session; they competed in lots of track and field events and finished first in the boys 1 lap relay and the girl’s chest push. Overall, they finished in 3rd place.