Golden Book
The following all received Golden Awards this week. In Year 3: Hugo, for his incredible science attitude: Seb, for an excellent attitude towards his learning, being a great role model & James, for his focused attitude in all subjects – a model student. In Year 4: Huxley, for his amazing half term work on Roman numerals, which was exceptional: Elwin, for noticing the needs of others and being such a supportive friend and Kitty, for a super British values shield and motto – ‘Never give up’. In Year 5: Arsh, for great improvement in his handwriting: Monty, for his consistently wonderful writing and Imogen, for her mature attitude to her learning and being a supportive Talk Partner. In Year 6: Jack, for great organisational & teamwork skills: Dylan, for producing some amazing work in English this week – super description and improved quantity of work produced and Theo, for being a wonderful member of the class and always working hard. Carried over from last term, when he was attending Forest School, Joshua, in Fox Class, for a huge improvement in the quantity of work produced.

Shell Award
Congratulations to Fox Class, this week’s winners of the ‘Shell Award; they won by just one ‘shell’, which shows that every shell counts. They will receive some additional free-time at the end of the week. All Year 3 will be able to go on the bank at break and lunchtime on Friday.

Accelerated Reader Challenge
Congratulations to Hollie, in Dormouse Class, who has read the most words 1,312,627: Hannah, in Badger Class has achieved the most quizzes with 100%, and Swift Class, have read the most words as a class, 3,877,124 words. Mr Hodges announced he has secured an amazing prize for the class with the highest word count this term – a ‘bubble football’ session. The winners will be announced at Easter.

Times Tables Rock Stars Challenge
Maths challenge across KS2, with a display on the top corridor, with two challenges for all pupils to take part in. Speed at answering questions, an average across the class Dormouse Class. The class with the highest average number of points per pupil was Deer Class.

House Points
The weekly House Points were announced, with Calverley gaining the most points this week. The points will continue to be gathered each week and added together and as a reward, all pupils in the winning will be able to wear their own clothes to school for a day.

Netball A Team
On Tuesday 25th February, the year 6 Netball A Team went to SKA to play Claremont. In the first quarter Claremont scored the first goal, but we then scored 3, to make the score 3-1 to us. We then rotated positions for the second quarter, no goals were scored. In the third quarter, we scored 2 more goals and in the final quarter another 2, to make the final score 8-1 to us. ‘Player of the Match’ was Eleanor. Thank you to Miss Gibson for coaching us, Mrs Moriarty for driving us and all the parents who came along to support us. Team: Niamh, Bryony, Eleanor, Sophie, Anthiha, Ollie, Hollie, Joe & Ollie. Report by: Niamh.

Swimming Gala
On Wednesday 26th February the Year 5 & 6 Swimming Team went to St. Johns to complete in the Tunbridge Wells Swimming Gala. The Year 5’s got the gala under way with Nancy finishing 1st in the breaststoke, Zavier finished 6th. In the backstroke races, Oliver finished 1st, and Camellia was 2nd. In the front crawl race, Charlotte and Hardy both finished in 4th place in their races. It was then the turn of the Year 6 swimmers. Fran, was 4th in the girls front crawl race and Byron won for the boys. Eleanor then raced and finished 1st, as did George in the breaststroke race. Then Kitty and Archie both raced and also finished in 1st place in their backstroke races. After the 25m races were completed, it was time for the Open Heats. We had no girls in the heats; George and Archie both got through for the boys and both finished 1st in their 50m heats. It was then over to the diving pool. First to dive were the girls; each diver had four dives – Jasmine was amazing! Then it was the turn of the boys, Kavin did really well. It was then back to the main pool for the relay races. The girls front crawl race was first and they did really well, finishing in 3rd place. Then the boys swam; they finished 1st. It was then the mixed medley race, the team finished 1st and beat the gala record by an amazing 5 seconds! It was then time for the open finals; both George and Archie’s names were called for the final. It was a really close race, and difficult to see who won, it was George, by a third of a second! He won the 50m trophy. Finally, the results for the diving were announced. Jasmine had won the girls diving for the third year in a row! Kavin finished in fifth place. St. James won the overall trophy. Thanks to Mr Hodges for coaching us and to Mr Tutt & Mr Wyke for supporting from the pool side, we all had a great time.