Golden Book
The following all received Golden Awards this week. In Year 3: Sophie, for her stupendous attitude to learning – an excellent role model for her peers and Amelia, for a wonderful start to her life at St. James’, she joined the school this week and has settled in really well. In Year 4: Harry S, for his fantastic ‘hook’ sentence for his story: Alfie H, for his excellent setting description in his Christmas story writing and Ava A, for her talent and effort as a dancer and singer in our play and class dance. In Year 5: Lilly, for her excellent description of how Christmas changed during Victorian times: Saskia, for her excellent attitude to written tasks. A writing superstar and Yoji, for his attitude to learning and his enthusiasm to all subjects. In Year 6: Esme, for working hard and improving her maths: Ellie, for being an amazing reader (over a million words this term), she always puts 100% effort into her learning and is a great role model to others and Emily A, for always being a wonderful member of the class and putting 100% effort into all her work.

Shell Award
Congratulations to Kestrel Class, this week’s winners of the ‘Shell Award, it is the first time this term they have won, so were thrilled. They will receive some additional free-time at the end of the week. All Year 6 will be able to go on the bank at break and lunchtime on Friday.

Accelerated Reader Challenge
Miss Stock announced the winners of the Accelerated Reading Challenge this term; every class in the school has read over a million words this term. When we come back to school in January, all the scores will start from 0 again. Congratulations to Wilf, in Kestrel Class, who has read the most words 1,079,313: Ami, in Fox Class was second with 949,074 words. Ava Rose, in Fox Class, has achieved the most quizzes with 100%, an incredible 41! Robin, in Dormouse Class was second with 28 quizzes with 100%. Kestrel Class, have read the most words as a class, 7,378,603: Swift were second with 5,077,406. All the winners received a voucher for a one hour session at ‘Jump In’.

Times Tables Rock Stars Challenge
Maths challenge across KS2, with a display on the top corridor, with two challenges for all pupils to take part in. Speed at answering questions, an average across the class – again this was Osprey Class. The class with the highest average number of points per pupil was Dormouse Class.

House Points
The weekly House Points were announced, with Calverley gaining the most points this week. However, over the whole term, the winners are Dunorlan, with 3,602 points. As a reward, all pupils in Dunorlan will be able to wear their own clothes to school on Monday.

Congratulations to Tilly, in Year 3, who had gained her Grade 1 piano, she received some very complimentary comments.

Primary Mathematics Challenge
Eleanor, in Year 6, received her Silver certificate, for the Primary Maths Challenge, (she was absent last week, when they were announced).

Swimming Award
Congratulations to Kathryn, in Year 4, who has recently gained her Bronze Award for swimming.

Netball B Team
On Tuesday 10th December, the Netball B Team went to SKA to play two netball matches. The first match was against Pembury. At Half time we were 5-0 up and the final score was 9-0. In the second match we played Claremont and won 15-0. Claremont picked Elsie as the player of the match. Thank you to Mrs Moriarty for driving us there, Miss Gibson for coaching us and all the parents for supporting us. Team: Emily, Elsie, Lucy, Nathan, Izzy, Anthiha and Molly. Report by Lucy and Elsie. Miss Gibson reported the team had played outstandingly well together in cold, wet and windy conditions.