Golden Book
The following all received Golden Awards this week. In Year 3: Noah, for getting on with his learning readily & enthusiastically and Alice, for her consistent amazing effort week in Maths & English. In Year 4: Huxley, for his amazing attitude to learning; always listening & always ready to learn: Maxwell, for his imaginative piece of writing about the first Roman invasion in Britain and Maribel, for a great piece of writing about the Romans invading Britain. In Year 5: Arsh, for a fabulous piece of strong writing – the best this year: Ella C, for having a great growth mindset in her written work, embedded by using a laptop and Harry N, for his hard work across all his subjects and managing his distractions. In Year 6: Kitty, for her brilliant attitude to her learning in maths – you are making great progress! Joe, for better focus in lessons, producing a good amount of work & better managing his distractions and Ella F, for her fantastic writing this term.

Shell Award
Congratulations to Swift Class, this week’s clear winners of the ‘Shell Award, by just one ‘Shell’ they will receive some additional free-time at the end of the week. All Year 5 will be able to go on the bank at break and lunchtime on Friday.

Accelerated Reader Challenge
Congratulations to Holly, in Dormouse Class, who has read the most words – 1,234,586: Zavier, in Chaffinch Class, has achieved the most quizzes with 100%: and Kestrel Class, who have read the most words as a class – 3,899,323, with Dormouse Class close behind in second place with 3,552,868.

Times Tables Rock Stars Challenge
Maths challenge across KS2, with two challenges for all pupils to take part in; speed at answering questions and an average score across the class. Owl Class currently have the fastest average speed, 1.73 seconds and the class with the highest average number of points per pupil is Deer Class with 7961 points.

Photography Competition
Congratulations to Deryn, in Year 6, who entered the Tunbridge Wells in Bloom photography competition and is one of the winners. Her fabulous photo of sunflowers, which she took in September, is now on display opposite Sports Direct in the Victoria Centre.

Over the last couple of weeks there have been lots of netball matches.
On 29th January, the Netball A Team went to Stocks Green to play a match. By half time the score was 7-6 to us. In the second half, it was very fast and close with both sides racing up and down the court, which made it very exciting. They equalised to make the score 7-7. In the final minute Nathan managed to score the winning goal. The final score was 8-7 to us. Emily was named Player of the Match. Team: Emily, Eleanor, Bryony, Sophie, Issy, Nathan & Ollie. Report by Eleanor & Emily.

On 4th February, the Netball A Team went to SKA to play two matches. Our first match was against St. Johns, we won 12-0. Our second match was against Langton Green, they were a strong team, but we won 6-1. Eleanor was named Player of the Match. Team: Niamh, Bryony, Eleanor, Hollie, Bryony, Sophie, Joe & Ollie. Report by Niamh & Bryony. Miss Gibson reported that all the matches.